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How to form an "anti-bad videos" group ?

2008-08-11 11:48:42 by Nova225

Bad videos (and the groups that post them) are like VIRUS on Newgrounds !

Isn't there anybody who will stand and who will go to war against them ?

JOIN THE RESISTANCE ! ... or say to me if there is one already ?

... because Newgrounds is really one of the greatest sites on Internet... and because I want to help to protect it...

How to form an "anti-bad videos" group ?


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2008-08-11 11:51:23

LOL, garbage whistle.

(Updated ) Nova225 responds:

Yes... Garbage !

As some videos which should not be on Newgrounds, but that succeed nevertheless in crossing the barrier !

... and by the way... you don't think that your message is a bit light ?


2008-08-15 13:26:58

NOOOOOO !!! The Clock Day !!!

The day when a maximum of crappy videos are created !

Almost 90% of all posted videos are really REALLY bad... but they are all accepted because 100 to 200 members of a CREW are voting 5...


2008-09-15 18:23:01

(Only for those who want to help !)

The Anti-Spam Patrol is a forum where people can post links to spam movies to be downvoted. We can stop the spam if we get enough members. If you want to join, go here and sign up.



2008-10-08 17:07:36

That's good but should add each other on MSN or YIM to get the under judgement ones faster. After something passed, downvoting is in fact good since it gives a higher chance to turd of the week or maybe underdog of the week.